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The Bee Hummingbirds in the Cracks 

(2022) New York

The Bee Hummingbirds in the Cracks is a dance performance that explores and presents the double dilemma of Chinese immigrant women: the complexity and contradictions of women's cultural and living circumstances.

I worked with movement, props, and language to design this work, and it was my first time working with my mother and incorporating her experience into my dance-making. Through multiple conversations and interviews with her, I revisited and reviewed a life of leaving, losing, returning, and finding. This work is also about the process of listening, responding, translating, and understanding.


Choreographer: Na An

Performers: Mingjun Han, Sabrina Gail Lobner, Chloe Schafer, Ruby Rose O'Brien Stigers, Equem Roël, and Na An.

Length: 40 minutes

Music: NO TRACE不留行, John Yannelli, and Na An

Voice Recordings: Zachary Peng Zhou, Kris Li, Xiwen Li, Max Klarich, Shengyu Chen, Wei Dai, and Nan Jiang.

Monologues: Xinhua Wang and Na An

Text: Equem Roël and Na An

Lighting Design: Allysen Hooks 

Costume Design: Na An and Amy Page

Photography: Walter Wlodarczyk

Performed at BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance), 

the Bessie Schönberg Dance Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College.


Burning Cracks
(2021) New York

Burning Cracks is a dance performance that combines movements, interview recordings, and poetry to discuss the immigration experience from a gender perspective. 


Choreographer: Na An

Dancers: Mingjun Han, Sabrina Lobner, Bailyn Dupont, and Na An.

Music: Daniel Lizzul and John Yannelli

Lighting Design: Allysen Hooks

Length: 15 minutes

Poetry in English: Yuexing Sun

Voice: Kenia Rosete-Myers

Interviewees in Chinese: Bofang Zhou, Elly Zhang, Winnie Feng, Xiaoyan Wang, Mengna Chen, Jie Ma, Ping Liu, Lucy Liu, and Joyce Liang.

Costume Design: Na An and Amy Page

Photography: Maria Baranova

Video recorded and edited by Na An

Performed at Bessie Schönberg Dance Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College.


I Am Another You, As You Are Another Me 
(2021) New York

JNBY Project 江南布衣项目



(JNBY, a Chinese designer brand)

Director: Kimisa H
Photography: Kimisa H
Director of photography: Doug Durant 
Choreographer: Na An
Featuring: Umi Akiyoshi
Makeup/hair: Nana Hiramatsu
Gaffer: Anthony Sur
DP ac: Peter Harrison
Camera ac: Dondre Stuetley
PA: Mae Ye
Editor: Jordan Strong
Music: Guitarra Flamenca by Danilo Dawson under Creative Commons license.

000 FOOTAGE.00_02_51_08.Still001

Four Chapters about She, We, Women
(2021) New York

Four Chapters about She, We, Women is a video-based performance composed of four poems I wrote for four females, including Medea, Nora Helmer, Virginia Woolf, and myself. The performance is an inquiry into the question, "Are female identities still being persecuted?" I am also interested in exploring how the monitor, computer, and iPhone interplay with my movement.


Creator/Sound/Performer: Na An

截屏2021-06-02 上午12.15.22.png

(2020) New York

Blocking is a video-based performance; the performers are these blocks. I choreographed the blocks to have a conversation and reflection on institutionalization. The work has been inspired by Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish, and what happened in 2020. 

We are stuck in such a small space. Everyone becomes the implementer of power and the object controlled by power. Who determines what our rights are? Where can we draw the line between security and freedom? Can we make the rules together? Who or what should we develop resistance against if we want to see real change?

Creator/Editor/Sound: Na An

截屏2021-06-02 上午12.57.46.png

Here or There
(2019) New York

I had a weird dream that night when I moved to New York.

An apple was devouring the rainbows.

Tears streaming down her face, the little girl was hidden away in a corner.

My eyes started to dance. 

The fire was then sharply erased.

Gradually, the moments faded away, my surroundings dissolved, and I disappeared.

Creator/Editor: Na An

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Na An..png

Room 264
(2018) Melbourne

Short Film | 4.40 Min | 2.35 | Melbourne, Australia


A woman arrives in an unfamiliar environment and reflects on how she got to be there. As the room comes to life, she reaches for a sense of self - using a physical langue to expresses emotions that are otherwise ineffable.



Audience Choice Award - Melbourne Women in Film Festival

Semi-FInalist: Thessaloniki Cinedance International

Official Screenings:

Flatpack Festival- Screendance (BAFTA Qualifying Festival) 2021, UK

Sydney World Film Festival 2020, Australia

River Run International Film Festival 2020, USA

Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival 2020, Chile

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2020, UK

ARTS x SDGS Festival 2020, USA

The Reelgood Film Festival 2020, Australia

Brisbane International Film Festival 2020, Australia

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2019, HK

Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival 2019, Chicago, USA

Short and Sweet Festival Hollywood 2019, USA

Thessaloniki Cinedance International 2019, Greece

PÖFF SHORTS Official Selection 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2019, Australia

White Night Festival Bendigo 2018, Australia

Byron Bay Film Festival 2018, Australia

A Collaboration between Brodie Rowlands & Na An

Writer & Director: Brodie Rowlands

Dancer/ Choreographer: Na An

Director of Photography: Alice Stephens

Assistant Camera: Bonita Carzino

Gaffer: Scott Pope

Composer: Zain Awan

Colorist: Abe Wynen


(2015) Beijing

Who defines and writes about being perfect? Who defines and writes about failure? Absentee is a dance video that questions those words.

Choreographer/Performer: Na An

Cinematography: Yuan Liu

Editor: Ice He

Music: Alva Noto

Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China.


(2014) Beijing

Boxes explores the topic of desire. This work was inspired by Beijing, where I lived as a nonlocal for almost thirteen years. 

These boxes, each a self-contained space, symbolize the individuals in this city, driven by their desires to establish their own lives, rules, and limitations. Blue represents social space, red symbolizes emotion, and white signifies the self. Inhabitants of these boxes yearn for freedom, yet paradoxically, they find themselves confined by their own creations.

Director/Choreographer: Na An

Dancers: Yiling Wang, Yaojian Cai, Zhiwei Xu, and Na An 

Length: 45 minutes

Music: Tao Liu

Lighting Designers: Zhiguo Han and Hong Ling

Cinematography: Chao Wen and Zhiguo Han

Video Editor: Chao Wen

Producers: Hui Li and Wulin Jin

Performed at 1919 Theater, Beijing, China.


(2012) Beijing

A woman ​struggles between reality and her dream.
She has had the same dream over and over.


She asks,
What in this world is not evanescent? 
What in this world is real and unseen?

Director/Editor: Na An

Performers: Rui Hao, Zheng Liu, Weixin Pan, Yiling Wang, Na An, and undergrad dance students from Tianjin Chuanmei University. 

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto  

Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China.


The Girls
(2011) Beijing

The Girls is a dance performance that incorporates movement, live music, and props to tell the story of two girls as they navigate their coming-of-age experience, including their self-image, friendship, emotions, and societal expectations.

Directors: Na An and He Gao

Choreographer: Na An

Dancers: Ivy Tsui, Dongge Zhu, Man Wei, and Na An

Live Music: Fan Yang

Length: 70 minutes
Poster: Rou Jiang 肉酱
Lighting Designer: Zhao Liu
Costume: Beistyle
Video Making: X-IMAGE Studio
Video Venue: Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China.
Performed at the After Sars Theater, Beijing Chaoyang Culture Center Nine Theater, China.
Produced by 北京身体力行戏剧舞蹈工作室


(2010) Beijing

In a room with two chairs, a woman wears a ring and has a glass of water. She walks back and forth between the chairs and recalls her story.

Director: Shu Xie
Choreographer/Performer: Na An

Text: Paul De Bruyne

Length: 40 minutes
Performed at the After Sars Theater, Beijing Chaoyang Culture Center Nine Theater, China.

Produced by 北京身体力行戏剧舞蹈工作室

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